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BlockAid is an Australian designed alignment bracket for use in masonry block wall construction to provide accurate location of both the horizontal and vertical reinforcing steel to ensure the steel placement complies to the engineering specification.

ba_home_dvdAdvantages of BlockAid in reinforced block walls

  • Accurate positioning of reinforcement
  • Eliminates tying steel in place
  • Saving in construction time
  • Ensures adequate grout cover
  • Aligns control joint dowels
  • Ensures structural capacity
  • Ensures construction meets engineering specification for centrally or non-centrally located reinforcing

how_blockaid_works_horizontalThe Horizontal steel is accurately positioned by BlockAid during construction

how_blockaid_works_verticalThe Vertical Steel is accurately positioned by BlockAid after the blocks are laid




Available through Onesteel

How to estimate BlockAid
A majority of over 1200 engineers surveyed support the use of BlockAid
Time and Motion Study carried out by University of Newcastle finds that BlockAid can save over 20% of the construction time required compared with traditional methods
Blockaids are available exclusively from OneSteel
A new BlockAid to suit 290 (Jumbo) Blocks is now available from OneSteel

The BlockAid range provides for precision in determining reinforcing locations of the steel bar and ensures the construction of a reinforced concrete block wall using masonry or besser blocks will always meet the Australian Standard. BlockAid is not suited to mortarless or hebel blocks.