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Benefits of BlockAid to Engineers

When designing a masonry block wall, structural engineers are aware of the importance of the reinforcing steel being held in the correct location while the wall is being built, especially during the final construction process when the wall is core-filled with concrete.

BlockAid provides positive location for the horizontal steel as the wall courses are laid and ensures the vertical steel is inserted in exactly the correct location when lowered down through the BlockAids. With BlockAid holding all the steel in location until the wall is core filled, there is no longer a need to tie the steel in place.

The use of BlockAids therefore provides the engineer with a higher level of confidence that the reinforcing steel will be placed in accordance with the engineering specification. BlockAid also provides simplified on-site visual inspection for the engineer that the reinforcing steel is correctly located and in accordance with the specification.

The use of BlockAid therefore provides an advantage to both the structural engineer and the builder by virtually eliminating incorrect placement of reinforcing steel that could otherwise lead to rebuilding the wall to rectify incorrectly located steel.



Available through Onesteel

The BlockAid range provides for precision in determining reinforcing locations of the steel bar and ensures the construction of a reinforced concrete block wall using masonry or besser blocks will always meet the Australian Standard. BlockAid is not suited to mortarless or hebel blocks.